Alexia (by me)

Dear Alexia,

you make me nervous.

I fear 'cause of you temptation

fear 'cause of the wish for perfection

- and the knowledge there is none

Fear you 'cause I know

that somehow

though your graceful wisper in my ears

you'll make me sick and fill my eyes with tears

I don't know if you're here

in my head, your voice in my ears

or if you're just knocking on the door

And all I have to do is close my eyes

Say "No!" and open the fridge

Because though I'm FAT, I'm loved

And if I'm THIN I'm not

So, who cares if I hate myself?

I don't need you. 

There's no redeem anyway. 

Just Death in the mirror, 

born in my head. 

12.12.08 10:55


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